March 18, 2021
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July 8, 2021
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August 20, 2021
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Gunther Grant is moving ahead full speed with our new shopify store, existing commerce and the Sturgis website sales.  Additional shopify stores will be launched soon as well as additional sales from other 3rd party resellers.

In addition, Gunther Grant custom work and new designs are also being produced.

One of Gunther Grants main goals while continuing to design cast and ship globally, was to also file to be OTC current.

Having filed with the OTC on June 30th 2021, additional information was needed to complete the application.

We were assured that the application process takes about 3 business days. Although the OTC is also backlogged we feel that we are well within the time frame for a company to be OTC current on or before the September deadline.

While we move forward as we always have been, GNGR will also take the steps needed to show transparency in the marketplace as well as focus on how to become a bigger player in the field of over 12,000 listed OTC companies, while at the same time separating GNGR from the rest of them.

Part of our goal is to capture some of the $300 billion spent annually on jewelry with a new look and uniqueness never before seen in this industry. Global sales are proving our efforts are paying off

Some additional ideas we have and the people we work with will be forming a plan on how to implement those ideas with the focus on expansion, new products, more sales and greater consumer reach.

Those ideas along with other ways to separate GNGR from the rest of the crowded OTC ticker field so GNGR can move ahead full force with no worries about competition is already in motion with a focus on the company expansion and to also increase investor confidence.


Grant Newsteder