GNGR - Share structure
Authorized:                        4,500,000,000
Issued Outstanding:        1,093,812,811
Tradable Float:                     108,553,765
Authorized not issued:   3,406,187,189
Issued shares held by Management, Non Affiliates and restricted supporters of GNGR are:
Grant Newsteder CEO        702,250,000
M. Allen (Non Affiliate)      108,098,942
T.E. (Non Affiliate)               100,364,000
Additional Restricted            74,546,104
Total (- Float)                         985,259,046

GNGR's CEO alone owns and controls 64%+ of the entire issued shares.

GNGR management and other supporters own and control 985,259,046 over 89% of the issued outstanding shares.

11% control are held by the shares in the FREE trading 108,553,765 float.

GNGR's access to authorized non issued 3,406,187,189 shares combined with 985,259,046 shares totals 4,391,446,235

The total non issued and outstanding under GNGR control comes to 97% + control of the entire company and securities.


The only free trading shares in the actual float as of October 23, 2019 are 108,553,765