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Gunther Grant, jewelry artist from New York, is now offering the sea turtle pendants.  A master mold is created, then wax castings are molded that will then become sterling silver. These are large Solid Sterling Silver sea turtles that are over 2" wide and weigh over an ounce of Sterling Silver. All Gunther Grant art pieces are inspected then hand signed, numbered, stamped STERLING .925 USA and copyright. A certificate of ownership and authentication is included. This makes a statement and shows your love and support for the sea turtle.


Sterling Silver Sea Turtle with Eggs

There are two choices, a male and female turtle. The male has the longer tail and the female has the shorter tail and also has eggs on the underside. The female turtle weighs more due to the eggs. These are not small charms but large wearable art. They are also perfect to display as a silver art sculpture. Each turtle is 2" x 2"
Sterling Silver Female turtle
with shorter tail carrying eggs
Sterling SIlver Male turtle
With longer tail
Soft black rubber
and sterling silver 3mm
necklace 20" - $9.99
50% of the profits will be donated to
the preservation and recuse of
sea turtles. A certificate will be
provided with every purchase.
Elegant keepsake gift box with magnetic hidden clasp
Most people already own various favorite necklaces. 
To keep costs down we offer a necklace, as well as a gift box, as options.
Confirmation Number: 0863951
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