Gunther Grant is taking the steps needed to counter all the fraud and issues that many OTC listed stocks are faced with. Fraud has run rampant in the marketplace from companies based on Intent and hype that are basically just share selling entities that dilute the float, kill the share price and end up reverse merging into a new ticker that seems to be the norm on the OTC.

15c211 so far has done nothing to prevent fraud. 15c211 was simply a way to punish good companies like GNGR to pay to stay on the OTC or be moved to the Expert Market (Gray Market). One problem was, staying on the OTC did nothing to help our company. But a plan is in place.


The plan is to make GNGR that needle in the haystack (as described by the Wall Street Journal), and we know EXACTLY how to make that happen. As we expand sales and our product line, the issues with the flip side being public will all come together when things are in place.


Gunther Grant (Ticker; GNGR) has revenue, an extensive and ever expanding product line that is sold globally with NO competition for the products we design and sell.

All Made in the USA!