Gunther Grant, Inc. (GNGR) Has taken all of the elements that are the cause of business failures and eliminated them.

GNGR has created a corporate structure that guarantees GNGR can not fail under normal business procedures. Even fortune 500 companies cannot duplicate this structure. Many corporations make small profits but at tremendous costs while GNGR's structure has all but eliminated operating, overhead and material costs while maintaining higher profit margins that exceed some of the nations TOP corporations including Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon and many of the fortune 500 companies.


We could not post this if it were not true AND we can prove it! In fact our operating and overhead costs come to less than 1% of the net profits, and the materials (sterling silver and gold) GNGR uses in castings costs GNGR less than market value "yes BELOW market values". Silver and gold used in castings costs GNGR below TRUE market values allowing GNGR to sell at close to or "AT" actual market values and still make a very significant net profit that ALL of our competitors are unable to do including Tiffany & Co., Signet (Jared, Kay jewelers), and all major retailers and even China's Jewelry industry.


WARNING: China has been using Cadmium in their jewelry to reduce costs that also adds deadly metals in their castings. To review how CHINA is killing people in the USA using fake silver marked as REAL,  (click here)




Our goal now is to continue to expand on that structure that has already provided worldwide sales and deliveries.


Our costs are under such control, if we don't even take in one order, GNGR has no expenses to cover. GNGR only incurs some minimal costs after orders are placed. And since orders are pre paid, GNGR also does not need any production financing or factoring receivables because we have no receivables.


GNGR had filed to be OTC current, with up to date financial's that were better than most OTC companies listed. GNGR posted the share structure, no debt and positive revenue. That coupled with proven continued sales, and new items being added to our line and a fantastic PR Newswire sent to the investment community has proven GNGR is a stable growing company. GNGR continues to expand and increase the reach to more buyers all over the globe.


GNGR's corporate structure as of August 10, 2018 is:

- 197,553,765 shares in the float (89,000,000 free trading shares are in cert form held at GNGR's offices)

- Shares actively available in the float are 108,553,765

- No debt.

- Is profitable.

- Maintains a low overhead that is under 1% of the "NET PROFITS" (unheard of in any business)

- No financing needed as all orders are prepaid at retail level through websites and internet sales.

- Never been a shell company.

- No reverse stock splits.

- Never reverse merged.

- No ticker symbol change.

- No dilution

- No convertible debt or funding notes



More updates coming soon.

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