Can GNGR claim global success simply because others who resell our line for many more times our price?


Can our success be measured by scammers using our good name and products to rip people off selling them below our price and not delivering them? Here are two great examples. Either way Gunther Grant is getting some global snowballing attention!

One example (of many) is a person we sell to who we met at the JCK jewelry show is legit and marks up our line 4x

This scam reseller is using our GREAT NAME to offer our products far below our price. The frog weights about 1.5 ounces and silver at $27 per ounce, just the cost of the silver alone would be $41.00. Casting costs and FREE SHIPPING! You can see they would lose money on this offer simply because it won't be delivered. Some of these companies use the designer name like Gunther Grant and when the order is not delivered they tall the buyers to call the company directly in hopes the company ships the item. We WONT!