Gunther Grant's newest FOX pendants.  A master mold is created then wax castings are molded that will then become sterling silver foxes. These pendants are 1 1/4" long. Each pendant is made of solid .925 sterling silver. Proceeds will go to the Fox Rescue who help save and rescue these amazing animals.


And FOX RESCUE Presents....

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Soft black rubber
and sterling silver
necklace 20" - $9.99
Most people already own various favorite necklaces. 
To keep costs down we offer a necklace, as well as a gift box, as options.
Elegant keepsake gift box with magnetic hidden clasp
Sterling Silver Fox Pendant
Solid .925 sterling silver, Artist signed.  Weighing in at .65 ounce and has two hidden bales behind the ears. 1 1/4" long
A necklace is available as an option (see above)
Sterling silver FOX pendant
(FREE worldside shipping - A $10 savings)