Gunther Grant, Inc. has spent many years perfecting confections that always created an appeal to just about everyone in every age group. From our signature fudge we sold in BJ's wholesale clubs, to our Vegan fudge that was tested in WHOLE FOODS with enough interest to become a chain store shelf item. Our custom molded confections were superior in the Ad Specialty markets over all our competitors. Some of those competitors closed up operations or filed for bankruptcy such as "The Chocolate Inn" and others who I had worked for in the past that folded not long after I left their employ to start my own business, Got Chocolates, Inc. and eventually taking the company public in 2008.


With great ideas, a great business plan and a proven line that was taken to various markets and was well received, I failed to obtain financing. It was at this point in time I learned that no matter how great an idea or proven market acceptance, there is no guarantee of financing. The one ingredient that was completely out of our control, even though all we have done prior proved our business could work on a national level. GNGR has not closed down and GNGR is not out of business. GNGR has taken a path that does not require what is not obtainable on its own (FINANCING). For this reason I have been working on other projects that are PREPAID which means I do not have to find funding. Although growth will be slower because we are selling individually as orders are placed and prepaid, we won't be able to accept the larger wholesale orders that require funding. My goal is to generate $100,000 net from sales with $10,000 being used to take GNGR back to OTC current (legal and OTC fees) leaving $90,000 net after costs. Then GNGR will emerge once again, stronger, smarter and with the ability to self fund and not have to look for capital from others that is almost non existent. Growth will be slower but growth non the less. By eliminating dependence on outside sources for the one missing ingredient (financing) GNGR can control its own destiny. I have taken the blame for GNGR not achieving the past goals that are still available when we come back with a new, self funded plan. Taking GNGR public was by all accounts how you are able to obtain capital, or so I was told and have read, and is why companies go public in the first place. This was not so. The Venture capitalists and angel investors are more a myth then a reality.


Products are being made at this time using the GNGR mold making process, and consulting by GNGR, to bring to market items not related to confections. As GNGR receives payments and licensing and consulting fees, GNGR will take the steps to become OTC current.

Whether its Castings or confections, Trump or Hillary, buying and reselling collectibles on line, GNGR will do what it takes to achieve the $100,000 goal and we are ON OUR WAY!

Thank You