Welcome to the Gunther Grant.

July 7, 2019 - GNGR has successfully entered the corporate ad specialty markets.

A new ad specialty website is under construction and will be available to the sales associates and ad specialty corporate promotional distributors who sell items to just about every company on the planet.

Having started our casting operations in 2015, GNGR has become a global seller of silver and gold castings in just 2 years.


Gunther Grant, Inc. (ticker GNGR)

Is about to expand even further into the 3-D UV printer technology and offer new options for high school, college and sports team rings.

PLUS new mass produced political and licensed items.

With the new 3-D printed technology we are NOW USING, I was monitoring the cad being done for the first time test of one of our political rings (in the image above) in minutes we had the dimensions and base all set up. Once done we simply open the file, size the ring to the customers request and set the width and what logo or art is to be added to the ring. Then hit PRINT!
In addition (and this really impressed even me the CEO) we can custom imprint all around the edges and even inside the ring. Now each casting will have our trademark "© Gunther Grant 2019" and individually numbered PLUS any custom message the purchaser may want to add.
Whats more is that our goal of 2500 individual titles just got much easier and much better cleaner and detailed with the fine custom engraving and copy we can add inside of the ring.
Once this is all set up, we will NEVER have to melt and pour hand wax again. The slow process of waxing logos and then making wax rings carving out to size all by hand is FINISHED! It will be OPEN FILE, CHANGE SIZE, PICK ART, PRINT WAX. Thats it!
Now we can focus on building our titles too many 1000's and much more. A website with the ability to place an order on line. Pick your copy and choose from a section of styles and shapes (or create your own) is in the works.
Our goal is to have EVERYONE POSSIBLE to see they can buy from a large selection or choose to make their own jewelry quick and at low cost.
I often stated, if we sold 250,000 castings for $80, GNGR would have sales of $20,000,000 but to sell 250,000 of ONE item is not easy to do. And creating 2500 titles was also very slow and could take years. NOT ANY MORE! The 3-D will take care of that in a few months. The more titles we make the less of them we have to sell to achieve our goal.
It will be a lot easier to sell 1 of 2500 titles to 100 people (250,000) then to sell 1 of the same title to 250,000 people helping us reach our goal as planned.

Our plans to expand our product line to 2500 different casting titles, just got much easier than we thought.  In fact we may exceed our goal moving forward.
We will expand on our already successful line in just some of the following categories.
  • WILDLIFE - Up to 1000 species
  • POLITICAL - 2020 election up to 200 different titles
  • LICENSED - Up to 500 titles
  • Custom LOGO ITEMS - For individual clubs, groups and businesses.
  • OUR UNIQUE DESIGNS - Up to 500 more
  • ONE OFF CUSTOM ORDERS - Between 200 and 1000 annually
  • SCHOOL SPORTS RINGS - Up to 2000 annually

Corporate - Ad Specialty - Sports - Political and our own unique line that is currently selling worldwide, is now possible with our existing and new mold making abilities. GNGR is now on the way to achieving the goal of 1000++ new titles much sooner than the anticipated years end. Within MINUTES of the launch, Multiple orders started coming in. A link to a NEW auto page will be available with wholesale pricing to all of the 16,800 vehicle dealers in the USA to buy as customer incentives and to resell at dealership locations.