Stock and custom castings sold globally.

Custom commission art castings.

NEW for 2022! Additions and advancements to our production and product line and
why Gunther Grant is disrupting the $300 billion dollar annual Jewelry Industry
Not even the $150,000 3-D printers can match our exclusive know how when making detailed custom rings of all shapes and designs. With details that are as small as 1/10th the width of a pen line, We can capture details unlike anything ever seen in the jewelry industry.
From design to finished product delivery to clients as fast as the same day!
Stylized converted photos that even Al Bundy would be proud of  with his likeness on the side of the NO MA'AM ring. Next week half tone photos will be available for true image photo replication on all our products.
School rings from 1st grade to college. We can create custom rings with any art and the finest details available today. With the addition of enamel colors that make the school rings really POP!
Custom colors can be added to any of our castings to capture the spirit and accuracy of any school, team or corporate logo. Although Rings are our main focus for expansion, We do much more! Pendants, key chains, pins and more. Many one off custom art commissions have been delivered to galleries and art collectors from around the globe.
Custom art and logos. 18K solid gold and sterling silver boxing gloves for Floyd Mayweather, TESLA key chains and space sculptures for Elon Musk, Hells Angels rings, Jewelry for rock stars, pins for TV news anchors and much more.
And ALL our castings are proudly made right here in Nevada USA!

Our cold laser allows us to fine etch directly onto the wax at a temperature just under the wax melting point. This allows a ring design to be made into a wax casting master in under 2 minutes with details that we have yet to see anyone be able to compete with our abilities. 3-D printing can take up to 5 hours to make one wax ring and still the details are not up to par with GNGR's. Once we set up the rotating spindle to the computer (similar to how rings are engraved inside) we will be able to just place a large angled curved wax blank (like a superbowl or college ring) and let the computer and laser create rings that will have no equal and at up to 80% less cost than our competitors. All jewelry is hand numbered and stamped after casting and comes wtih our corporate sealed certificate and all made in the USA!

A replication of an original patch shows the stitching.

100 year collector ring

10 ounce lion will be added to a 6 ounce cuff bracelet to create this
one pound sterling silver or 18K Gold custom limited edition
jeweled eyed lion.
Sterling Silver - Limited Edition to just 2500 available worldwide - $3,500.00
18K Solid Gold - Limited Edition to just 250 available worldwide - $39,000.00